8 exciting skyscrapers around the world

How exciting is it to go to the top of a skyscraper and observe the city you’re visiting? Architects have spent years reaching for the stars with their constructions, and the observation decks in these buildings provide breathtaking views. Here are our favorite skyscrapers you might want to visit.

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Rio vs Sao

Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo: where should you go?

We’ve done the big Aussie debate of Sydney vs Melbourne. We’ve also done Madrid vs Barcelona. But now we’re onto the next – Brazil’s big two. One is the main tourist hub of South America, the other is the economic center of Brazil, and a magnet for business travelers.

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Sunset ibiza

My 7 day Ibiza itinerary to having the best time!

I have just got back from 7 days in Ibiza. As pleased as I am to be back in my own bed, I had the greatest time, making loads of memories.

With so much going on in one of the world’s most famous party islands, it’s hard to know where to start or what’s best to do each day. But because I really had such a wonderful week, I’m going to give you my recommendations for each day.

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guide to Visiting Lisbon

My guide to visiting Lisbon

This summer I got to take a 5 day break in Portugal’s picturesque capital – Lisbon. The alluring culture, mouth-watering food and breath-taking views are some of the many reasons I’d recommend visiting. Plus it’s pretty low cost in comparison to other European cities, possibly due to there being much less tourism here.

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american sporting event

20 American bucket list experiences

America is big. Huge in fact. It would take a lifetime to discover all of it. There are so many endless places to visit and things to do that you might feel overwhelmed by all of the options on offer. From stunning landscapes to soul food delights, I have created the ultimate bucket list of things you must experience in the USA.

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Canada’s top cities, in a nutshell

The 1st of July marks World Canada Day – celebrating the day when the Constitution Act (then called the British North America Act) was put into place in 1867. This ended the struggle of getting Canada recognized as a separate country.

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vegan travelers

10 of the best cities around the world for vegan travelers

Last month, my partner is tried out the 30 Day Vegan Challenge to see the effects it could have on his body. It made him feel much healthier, having a lot more energy, and is now incorporating veganism into his current diet.

But it got me thinking, how easy would it be for him as a vegan on our travels? Well the good news is, there are some spots that are a lot more vegan-friendly than most. I have listed 10 of the best destinations around the world for vegan travelers for some travel inspiration.

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Barcelona city

Why Barcelona is my favorite city

Last week me and Danny took a mini trip to the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia – Barcelona! We loved it so much that we’ve created an aim to be living there in the next 5 years.

So why is it so great? With the restaurants and bars lining the beautifully cobbled streets, endless wonders to see and do, and the completely chilled-out vibe, we believe Barcelona is a place everybody must experience.

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RockHoppa roll up bags

Why our RockHoppa roll-up bag is VITAL for festival campers

Festival season is upon us: it’s time to stock up on our hair glitter and get out those funky shades. Festivals are a great way to see lots of different artists all within a few days, and if we’re lucky we get blessed with some sunshine and warm heat to make the experience even greater.

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english road trip

Top places to add to an English road trip

England is bursting with so many wonderfully unique towns and cities to enjoy. From picturesque countryside and coasts to vibrant cities, there are plenty of places to choose from for those embarking on an English road trip. Here’s the lowdown on some of our favorites.

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