RockHoppa is a family business, run by Steph, Grace and Mikey, manufacturing useful travel products.

Rockhoppa team travel

Who is Steph?

Steph runs a marketing company called Belluber, and has always had a passion for business, having over 15 years experience in running businesses, including a software company.

Steph decided to start RockHoppa when she realized she had two great assets to work with – her grown up children!

Who is Grace?

At 22 years old, Steph’s daughter Grace has always had a real drive for traveling and exploring the world. Not only this, she has a love for shopping online, but struggled to find travel products that are genuinely useful on her travels.

Grace already works with Steph in Belluber Marketing, so has vast experience of digital marketing and loves to blog, especially about travel.

Our travel blog is managed and written by Grace, feel free to take a look.

Who is Mikey?

Mikey is Steph’s 24 year old son who is a whizz with IT and with numbers. Being a maths genius from a young age, Mikey has always taken an interest in seeing how business’ finances and growth can excel.

If we want to check that new products are financially viable, Mikey’s our man.

Why RockHoppa?

The Rockhopper penguin

Our brand name ‘RockHoppa’ is derived from the species of penguin ‘Rockhopper’. This type of penguin is described as tough, irrepressible and never giving up, which suited us and our products.

Plus who doesn’t love penguins?