9 things you MUST do in New York

New York is a captivating, magical city. It can be a little bonkers and too fast for some, but its ability to wow and amaze us is undeniable. I am fortunate enough to have visited once and I will definitely be going back to explore it even more. But here are 9 things that must be done in New York.

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3 days dublin itinerary

How to have the greatest 3 days in Dublin

Today is the day where we celebrate all things Irish – St. Patrick’s Day! So dig out something green to wear and get yourself a pint of Guinness from your nearest pub. Although from experience, there’s only one place that you can enjoy a real pint of the Irish stout… Dublin, Ireland’s capital. Visiting the Guinness Factory is one of the many great things you can enjoy in this city.

With endless attractions and bars, it can get a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding on an itinerary. But don’t worry – we’ve created a 3 day plan bursting with culture, beautiful sights and authentic local pubs for a merry Irish time.

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My trip to New York – the good, the bad and the yummy!

After 11 months of having it booked, my friend Alex and I were finally in the magnificent city that is New York! It’s always been a dream of mine to go here, and it definitely gave me some experiences to learn from.

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best places wales

The best places in Wales to visit

Today is St. David’s Day, where we celebrate the Saint of Wales. In its small mass of land, Wales bursts with physical beauty: ragged coastlines, mountain ranges, old-fashioned market towns and ancient castles.

To mark the special occasion of St. David’s Day, we have created this article to help those of you considering visiting Wales on the best parts you should go to.

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